Traveling To Teach English

Well you see, since I was 18 years old I have always wanted to travel to Asia. To learn their culture, traditions and languages. To fully immerse myself into the local culture while helping to shape a part of the community there I will able to meet a host of amazing new people as I teach abroad. And bring back or go forward to an extraordinary experience and apply to my next career were life takes me. 

I’ve studied Japanese and International Relations at Boston University. But not until recently have I been given the opportunity to make that dream become a reality.

In 2016 I have met a amazing family from Shenzhen, China whom inspired me to teach English to Chinese students. Therefore my goal is to make it fun for them; to leave knowing that I’ve made an impact in their lives.

Also in 2016 I graduated from the TESOL program at Arizona State University, therefore certified to teach English internationally. In the meantime I’m in my third year at The University of Phoenix finishing up my bachelors in English literature. The hardest part during this process is learning Mandarin. Coursea, an online platform,  is making it possible non the less. As I look forward being able to converse with the locals when I arrive. And the most exciting part so far is attending local Meet-Up groups while learning their culture here and sponsoring tutoring classes for Chinese students online with All in all the easiest part is keeping up with all my new friends abroad. 

Due to the cost of airline tickets, schooling, insurance and housing I am fundraising for this trip. I’ll be using the knowledge and experience to further my goal to get sponsorships to teach in other countries such as Turkey, Phillipines, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Peru to name a few on my bucket list.


I haven’t been this excited since I got my real estate license 30 years ago. And while everyone I have talked to has said, “you’ll regret it if you don’t go” and “you’ll do great. you were born to teach.” A dream becoming a reality for me. It’s only 1 month away and so I need your support. $25-$100 donations would be greatly appreciated. To learn one must teach I have always said. 

It has taken many years to develop my next big “why” in life. Meanwhile, my second career in life is taking me to new heights. Thus giving me the opportunity to travel, teach and study for my ultimate goal in obtaing a masters in English Literature in 2020.

GoFundMe if you can. Passion is the only requirement for success. English literature is my passion and teaching is a gift.


Visit my freelancer sites that will help fund my trip. Freelancer  UpWork TakeLessons

Literacy is acquired and not to be taken for granted.

“Even if you can’t donate, will you support the cause by sharing my fundraising page with your family and friends?”