It was my passion to learn their culture, traditions and languages in 2017. To immerse fully while helping to be a part of their community teaching English. Instead, the experience led me to a deeper understanding of myself.

Unlike many expats looking to solely backback and island hop,  I was able to meet literally thousands of amazing new people from all over the world, i.e., Africa, England, Scotland, Philippines, Indonesia and France. The hardest part during this process was acquiring Mandarin itself; the easiest has been touring countries one could only dream of visiting. Meanwhile I find the most difficult to understand that students do not have adequate supplies to learn.

World Literacy

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It has taken many years to develop my next big “why” in life. To give back that was freelygiven to me.  It is giving me the opportunity to travel, teach and study for a masters in English Literature and give the saem opportunity to others if they to inspire to learn.


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Literacy is acquired and not to be taken for granted.

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