My blog is about inspiring folks to  find their “why” in life through learning a new language. If traveling around the world, exploring a secend career, or helping others sound interesting your in the right place . My why started with leaving a 30 year career in real estate. I was unhappy. I lost my passion. My relationship and lifestyle suffered because I gave up on myself. I then decided enough was enough. I got a life coach and went back to college at the age of forty-eight.  Yes that’s right, 48 years old.

Meanwhile during the first year I started teaching English online and plotting my course to teach abroad. It started with a white board and some magazines. After one year, I left the United States and found myself in Beijing, China teaching middle school children English. In a short time (2015-2018) I visited 40 cities in 8 countries over three years. This blog is about sharing thousands of stories of amazing adventures meeting hundreds of  people from all over the world. It has taken many years to develop my next big why. I wish I would had found it sooner.

World Literacy

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