To Whom It May Concern:

I recruited Tom Songer to work as an ESL teacher in late August of 2017. He worked with our foreign teacher team until May 2018 of this year. He taught mainly middle school students but also took some classes in the local elementary schools and also at our weekend after-school class where he prepared both phonics and reading lessons using material that we provided. He prefers to teach students at a middle-school level and above.

Tom has a diligent work attitude and cares deeply about his students and their opinion of his teaching. As a result, he strives to do his best to make his lessons interesting and to also satisfy the local teachers requirements of him as a foreign teacher.

Although the conditions and culture here are very different from what he is used to back in his home country he endeavoured to adapt and fit in with our teaching requirements and those of the local schools. He is a kind and sensitive person and takes his duties as a teacher very seriously.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lara Wootton
MA Tesol
Head ESL Teacher

我于2017年8月下旬聘请Tom Songer担任ESL老师。他与我们的外籍教师团队一起工作到2018年5月。他主要教授中学生,还在当地小学和周末课后上课,在那里他使用我们提供的材料准备了语音和阅读课程。他更喜欢教中学及以上学生。




MA Tesol