Teaching Online

Technology is replacing blackboards!? Online classes are here to stay and the vast majority of schools and training centers have moved across to one of the many online class platforms available. But how do you actually teach an online class? Check out our easy-to-follow 12 step guide for a 30 to 60 minute online class. … Continue reading Teaching Online

Project-Based Learning Exercise

https://youtu.be/J6QoUbVZiHQ Futian High School Project-Based Learning WorldTeachESL 2019 Amazing! Over 400 Chinese ESL students performed a daring active learning project within the third week together. Each student was able to perform complete sentences while being in front of their peers, and being filmed on camera. How was this accomplished in only three weeks with such … Continue reading Project-Based Learning Exercise

Reverse Dictionary – Ever asked yourself "What's the word for…"

I just happened to stumble on a pretty interesting tool today. I was trying to find a word for people that are behind the times for my previous blog post. I did a couple of searches in Google without avail and eventually started scouring for a tool that did a reverse lookup on a word … Continue reading Reverse Dictionary – Ever asked yourself "What's the word for…"