This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you. Next is Thailand. Any word on how to do get a temp visa there without selling your soul ,) many thanks!

Writing with Laira

In my previous entry, I’ve told you about wanting to go to SoKor and I thought that the first thing I need to know is how do I get there. No, getting there is easy. You can always book a flight, get a tourist visa and voila! You’re ready for a SoKor experience.

But as for me, I have bigger intentions. I want to go and stay there. That’s the hard part, how do you keep on staying there?

According to some bloggers, there are 2 options; it’s either you study or you teach. Teaching is quite easy if you’re a Native English speaker and have that golden passport. Apply for an English Teaching Job and you’re all set. But since I’m not/don’t have any of those, I’d have to go through the rougher way, so I dug in a little more (actually a whole lot more).

Studying the Korean…

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