I can relate…official new Chinese name is Songjun Xiang!

It’s wasn’t easy. Try changing your name to something meaning full, sounds poetic in a foreign language, matches your personality and is grammatically correct.

The Makings of a Chinese Farmer

I’m really loving WWOOFing (the farm program I signed up for). I’m learning so much from Vivian as well as from Xiaowu and Tingting (another WWOOFer my age from Hangzhou). It turns out the new house we live in isn’t that bad. I now know Master Chen was mean to everyone which is why we left. Our new house is closer to the center of Longmen so we get a lot more visits from the neighbors. Note: it’s totally acceptable in rural China for neighbors to enter your house without an invitation. For example right now there’s a 4 year old with his grandparents in our dining room eating grapes and it’s 8:35 pm! I like how in rural China people can show up at your house uninvited and just strike up a conversation while your clearing the table after dinner. It’s nice being connected with the village community. You…

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